“Ekranas” had nothing on Belgian champions (FKE TV)

RSC Anderlecht
T.De Sutter 2, Kanu 22, D.Mbokami 41 ir 52, M.Jovanovič 87


FK Ekranas


RSC Anderlecht:
S.Proto, O.Deshacht, L.Biglia, D.Odoi, R.Dos Santos, M.Jovanovič, B.Safari, T.De Sutter, D.Mbokani, M.Wasilewski, G.Gillet

FK Ekranas:
E.Zubas, Y.Urdinov, M.Samusiovas, I.Dedura, V.Lukša, A.Kučys, G.Tomkevičius, M.Andelkovič, A.Vertelis, E.Varnas, Ž.Kymantas

“Ekranas” had nothing on Belgian champions (FKE TV)

2012 august 01d.

"Ekranas" started the third selective matches of the UEFA Champions League a painful defeat to Belgian grandee “Anderlecht” Brussels. Belgians actively pressed the Lithuanians through the entire match showed their advantage with scored five goals and without a reply.

Photo by www.rsca.be

The lot determined to the Panevezys team maybe the strongest possible opponent. This is probably the most titled team that “Ekranas” has ever fought.

The match for “Ekranas” started unsuccessfully, over their first attack on the hosts managed to forge ahead. The raised ball from the flank was touched by Thomas De Sutera, who precisely directed it to the box.

Guests’ disorder could be felt, it prevented a successful “Ekranas” defense and create attacks. At 15 minute, Egidijus Varnas took over the ball from defenders, ran to near the penalty area and shot near the post.

When it seemed that the guests managed to make "Anderlecht" team calmer, and managed to withstand the first pressure, the second goal to "Ekranas" net was scored.

The ball was directed in the penalty area, where “Ekranas” failed to hit it further from the box, the first fast enough to run to the ball was Kanu, who scored the second goal.

After the second goal, "Ekranas" held a number of serious attacks. At first, had a corner, followed by Aurimas Kučys shot over the box. Some time later, followed by Vytautas Luksa try, the ball rebound and flew near the box and "Ekranas" had another corner.

After a few minutes, on the left Yani Urdinov passed the ball to Aurimas Vertelis, his shot was blocked. “Ekranas” created some opportunities to "Anderlecht" box and the hosts’ defense wasn’t so powerful at that time.

Towards the end of the first half, followed by errors in the defense, "Anderlecht” striker Dieudonné Mbokani scored the third goal from close. The second half began unsuccessfully to Lithuanian team. At 51 minute, during a fast attack, D. Mbokani managed to score one more goal.

Nothing has changed in the pitch, the Belgian champions still dominated, and “Ekranas” team from time to time created one or another successful attack, but shots were not precise.

At 61 minute, Žilvinas Kymantas was changed by Arsenij Buinickij who at that once a shot dangerously near the box. Later the player felt sorry very much for this episode.

The footballer brightened "Ekranas" game. However, he failed to score the honor goal. "Anderlecht" at the end of match began to actively create attacks near the “Ekranas” box. At 88 minute, midfielder Milan Jovanović used his chance and the result was 5:0. Soon, the judge announced the end of the game.

"Ekranas" players rushed to thank for the support for nearly twenty fans who came from Panevezys. The second leg match is on August 8, in Vilnius. It will be just a formality and a chance at home to try to "bite" to the titled contestants and honestly end the Champions League matches.

However, “Ekranas” will still have a chance in the UEFA European League match and the opponent will be clear on August 10 in Nyon, Switzerland.

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“Ekranas” had nothing on Belgian champions (FKE TV)



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